4 Simple Energy Improvements for Your Home

Most people spend the greatest amount of money heating and cooling their homes each month. Heating really takes a toll on the costs of monthly electricity bills. If you’re like most people, cutting some of those expenses is ideal. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? Take a look at four simple ideas that help improve energy around the home, ultimately saving money.

1- Programmable Thermostat

Adding a programmable thermostat is a smart idea for any homeowner who’s yet to make the upgrade. A programmable thermostat gives you control over both the temperatures inside the home and your electric bill. They’re inexpensive as an added bonus. There is no reason to go another day using a traditional thermostat!

2- Carpentry Work

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The small things matter. Take a walk around the house, inspecting all of the crevices and nooks and crannies. If you notice cracks, chips or other damage, you are likely spending extra money on energy costs each month without realizing it. A little caulk and carpentry work can resolve the problems and improve efficiency around the home.

3- New Windows

Install new residential windows taylors and you’ll revive the appeal as you also improve efficiency. Loose windows or windows with other types of damages can allow air to come inside the home and cost comfort and money. New windows won’t cost a ton of money but they do provide a ton of savings.

4- Go Tankless

A tankless hot water heater saves space around the home, not to mention a ton of water and a ton of energy.  You can expect significant savings when transitioning to a tankless water heater instead of a conventional model.

The simple strategies above help keep energy costs low around your home. Put these ideas to work and keep more money in your wallet each month.